Our retail space houses hundreds of the most popular cigar brands and lines available. We have a great selection of accessories such as cigar cutters, lighters, humidors and ashtrays.

Upstairs Public Smoking Lounge

Our Public Smoking Lounge in quaint and cozy with big screen tv and fireplace you can relax while enjoying a game or conversation by the fire.

We keep all the boxes of cigars in our walk in humidor which is temperature and humidity controlled to provide the best environment to store back stock.

When we constructed Casa de Montecristo we built a Rare & Vintage Room to house our more limited editions and hard-to-find collections. Limestone walls, amber lighting and computer controlled humidification and temperature controls help to make this the ideal environment to age and store our Rare & Vintage Collection.

Downstairs VIP Lounge

Our VIP Lounge is located in the basement and is accessible through a private elevator. Once in the lounge you are met with comfortable booths, tables and high-back leather chairs to sit back and relax with a premium cigar. We have big screen tvs on 3 walls to enjoy a game with friends.

We also have a conference room in the VIP Lounge that VIP customers can use for meetings, drafts or to get together for a meal.

VIPs can also use our Theater Room to watch a movie, game or play a game with friends.