Casa de Montecristo started with an idea. To create the finest cigar lounge for the most discerning individuals. A place that combines craftsmanship and technology in a pioneering new way to blend tradition, passion and legacy. In order to do this we addressed 3 different aspects of the retail/lounge experience.

First of all, we wanted to offer our customers the best brands and lines of cigars, kept in the best conditions with a knowledgeable staff and great service. The brands and lines represented in our collection cover the everyday consumer up to the high end aficionado. Our walls are lined with cabinet humidors kept at peek conditions to accommodate our wide range of cigars lines. Our walk in humidor stores boxes of cigars designed to keep the proper temperature and humidity in the air.

We were the first retail location in the United States to install an Aging Room to store and age rare and limited cigars. Lined in limestone and lit by soft-amber lighting this room has computer controlled temperature and humidity levels for prime air conditions for cigars. This was a central piece to our building plans as we needed a perfect environment to house our passion of aging and storing rare and vintage cigars. This process is something we take seriously and a lot of time and effort goes into selecting the correct cigars to age. Our connections with companies and manufacturers help us to attain rare and vintage offerings as well.

The second aspect we wanted to incorporate in our store was customer comfort. We tried to make the main part of our store as wide open as possible. It has vaulted ceilings and utilizes wood and glass to make it visually stunning at first sight. The whole main floor is a smoking lounge with some seating in our high-back leather chairs. We wanted our customers to feel at home immediately and free to smoke one of the fine cigars we offer. The built in Public Lounge was built to give the customer a quieter room to sit and relax. There are 2 big screen tvs and a fireplace along with a good amount of seating to be comfortable. We tried to offer a safe haven to watch a game, have a conversation or just relax after a long day.

The final aspect we built the store around was the VIP Experience. We created the most beautiful VIP Cigar Lounge in the area. Our private elevator takes our VIPs down to the lower level where the atmosphere is very elegant and inviting. Booths, tables and leather chairs fill the open area to provide a comfortable space for conversation, entertaining or getting in some after-hours work. A marble bar stretches down one side providing bar seating for watching a game and enjoying a complimentary soft drink, water or coffee. There’s a conference room available for meetings and a theater room for entertaining with stadium seating. This little get away along with events and special offers for VIP Members makes becoming a member a priority after experiencing the VIP treatment.

We hope you’ll stop in and take in all that we have to offer. After all, Casa de Montecristo was built for you.